Monday, August 18, 2008 was kinda like being in hell

Ummmmmmmmm......anyone else think it was a bit toasty on Saturday? Or was it just me? Maybe I thought it was so hot because I was that lucky mom who got to trek her two kids to a wedding reception...... in the park..... in the middle of the freaking day....without Brian. I say "trek" because it was kinda like hiking, but only way hotter and I was totally (I mean COMPLETELY)unprepared. Once again I was that unprepared parent (which I have no excuse for....I have been at this for 6.5 yrs now!!!) and forgot to bring a stroller. Result- Me carrying Gray all the way to the middle of the park after parking two miles away. Madison also wanted to know I was an unprepared parent and "why didn't you pack me a swimsuit mom." I know.....I know....what the hell was I thinking right? I mean don't ALL moms pack swimsuits to wedding receptions? So after three hours of hell....and I do mean hell, I didn't get to socialize with any adult because I was chasing my children around, we decided to make the long journey back to the car. Thank god Jen (teacher friend in crime) was with me to help me with the kids. By the way, that's her in the picture- the one getting a cookie smooshed in her face. She is Grayson's girlfriend......literally he is in love. When bathing him early that day I was trying to lure him out of the bathtub by telling him the work PARK- not budging. So I say...."Hey Gray.....Jen is coming over. Jen's here." The kid leaps out of the bath. He's got good taste.....Mom approves. But I am a bit jealous at his love of another woman besides his mommy.