Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Grade Reader ALERT

Maddie is reading up a storm and Grayson is basking in the glory of it all. She loves to read......he LOVES to be read to. Sounds peaceful and really sweet, huh? Well it's not. DON'T LET THESE PICTURES FOOL YOU!!!! Seconds later they were screaming at each other.

Mommy's Helpers

A few weekends ago Maddie and I baked up a storm......the kitchen was quite messy. Of course she didn't stick around for the clean up :) Gray saw how much fun we were having and insisted on wearing an apron too. No joke. He wore it ALL day.

The ONLY Time Snot is Cute when it's on your baby boy. Poor little man has a bad cold. I told him to go and get some Kleenex and this is what he brought me. (YES....the whole roll).

He started pre-school last week and of course, three days later he already caught something. Other than that he is loving school. Best part is we found a brand new place right across the street from Maddie's school. Perfect hours and so close to home. He is LOVING it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

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Getting so big...

Ahhhh......came across this picture of Grayson.....taken almost 9 months ago. It's amazing how big he has gotten. He is talking up a storm and LOVES reading books on mommy and daddy's lap. His favorite book is the Foot Book, by Dr. Suess. It's about the only book he will sit through. Most of the time he jumps off our lap within minutes to grap another book. By the end of the night ALL, and I mean ALL, the books from his room are in the living room. The last few nights when I tuck him into bed he's been saying," So I place one of his books in the crib with him. See......already prepping for college....... our children are smart little creatures. Tonight Maddie had HW and I told her she could take the night off because she doesn't have school tomorrow. She insisted on finishing it tonight!!

Blonde Ambition? I think NOT.

I know for a fact that later in Madison's life I can and WILL use these pictures against her. Especially the underwear one. How priceless!!! No is. Imagine the terms and conditions I can work out with her after threatening the exposure of this picture. It's one of many tactics and strategies I have been working on since the day of her birth. Call me a mean mommy (she does often). I like thinking about it as being pro-active.

Guess who learned to color..????

Ooooohhhhhh???? So that's what happens when you turn your head for a second on a naked baby with a pen???? Got it. Note to self: Get off the computer and pay attention to your kids :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

It was a dark and spooky night...........

No....not really. Actually the weather was quite lovely.....perfect really. THANK YOU JESUS. There is nothing worse than trick or treating in the rain and putting on a happy face like you are having the best time in the world. Don't get me wrong....I thoroughly enjoy myself.....but the weather must be up to my standards. And thankfully it was so everyone had a wonderful time. Grayson, as shown in the picture, has a death grip on his candy pale. Once he discovered, after house #4 or so, that candy went into this orange pale called a pumpkin he was totally into this "strutten around in a silly costume" thing.

Maddie on the other hand was just "SUPER" excited to hang out with one of her best buds Luci. And her daddy was SUPER excited too to hang out with Luci's dad and drink beer without me complaining. His look to me says "Hey if he gets to do it (drink beer)so can I right honey?"

It was definitly a successful Halloween. The candy drawer has been restored to Madison's standards and I look forward to finding candy wrappers on my husband's side of the bed real soon.