Monday, March 31, 2008

Birthday Suit

Trouble Maker

You know how they always say kids want to play with anything that is NOT a toy- that is totally Grayson. In these pictures he was using a hair brush as a chew toy & then decided to scatter all my "girly" products all over the bathroom floor- the same time trying to shove cotton balls in his mouth. It might be a boy thing- but this kid is such the opposite baby of his sister. Sure he looks totally cute doing all of it- but by the end of the day our house is seriously distroyed!!!!

Our Kids can GROOVE

So Grayson's newest thing is dancing. When he first got his groove on I was a little worried. I thought it was some weird nervous tick he had formed. He'd do a side to side Stevie Wonder thing with his head. LUCKLY I clued in on the fact he'd do it anytime music was on. Maddie sings- Gray gets giggy with it. It's pretty funny to watch. This video doesn't show too many of Grayson's moves, but it does have little miss singing.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hey Look- I did it!!!

I am freaking brilliant. I actually figured out how to post a video. See what happens when you have hours and hours of time on your hands. Anyhow- the "not so brilliant" part is that you have to tilt your head to the left because I managed to tape the entire thing sideways. I took this video a few weeks ago actually so it's kinda old. But enjoy anyway-

Madison- 6 going on 15

So last night Madison decided she was going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on her own. She says, "I gotta start learning how to cook mom!!!" Next week she is making honey planked salmon with wild ginger rice :) I am really looking forward to the break- a night off of cooking will be great-

Then tonight I walk her into her bedroom to tuck her into bed. Before I even hit her bedroom door she says, "Don't even look mom. I KNOW my room is a mess. Don't say anything." So then I continue to complain about just how messy it is & how it's gross to have a messy room. She comes back at me with, "Mom I AM A KID. KIDS LIKE TO PLAY YA KNOW? CAN'T YOU JUST LET ME BE A KID." Okay so really???? How can you argue with that. Realistically- SHE WILL BE CLEANING HER ROOM TOMORROW!!!
Yes-she is offically 6 going on 15

Anyone who knows Grayson well- knows that this is how he looks 99% of the time- With his mouth wide open. Why you ask? Because the kid likes to eat & if you happen to have food in your hand he starts to beg for it. So you either get this look to the left or he starts making chomping motions with his mouth. Regardless- it's all really adorable.

Trevor & Maddie

Here are some pics from last week. Madison's friend from school came over for a playdate. We dyed some Easter Eggs & they ran around distroying the house!! Maddie went over to his house yesterday- but with some reluctency, she says, "But mom I don't want to go over to his house- all he has is boy toys." Of course she ended up having a blast. When we got home she casually says, "Mom, I like Trevor. He's nice & cute & romantic." Boy crazy already! We're screwed :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Has it really almost been a year?

Today Gray is 11 months old. He is just starting to take on some of those "toddler" features. Maddie was already walking by 11 months and he is such a little baby to me still. He's so cute- he shows off his new tricks to everyone and anyone who will watch. Maddie taught him how to clap today so all day that is what he was doing. Last Sunday he learned to wave "goodbye." He is really trying to say DOG everytime he lays eyes on Jackson. And when he sees the cats he crawls as quickly as he can so he can lay his head on their bodies. He is really such a good baby- still not a great sleeper, but our kids are not destined to be. :( Unfortuntely........really I do wish they were :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Bunny Sighting


Our kid has a serious obsession with lions. First there was the big lion chair he saw in Bartells when he was 7 months. It was a must have. You know your kid loves something when at 7 months he squeals like a girl and pratically crawls out of the cart. Then came the towel that Uncle Nicky and Amber bought him for Christmas. It was literally the only way he could get him out of the tub without him crying. Now- the webkin lion- the newest addition to Gray's lion collection. I swear- you say, "Gray- hug your lion," and that kid does some serious loving!! It's quite adorable to watch. Here he is today with big sis, Maddie-

Sunday, March 16, 2008


So tonight we took Gray and Maddie to the pool. It was Grayson first time & he more than loved it. He was splashing and attempting to drink with the pool water most of the time! He did some flirting with some old lady swimmers who just thought he was the cutest thing in the pool & he WAS!!! The picture of Maddie- I took that in the locker room because she just HAD to pose for the camera & of course of the second I took the picture she said, "Ok mom....let me see it." Although I think when the flash went off I seriously freaked out some naked people. Probably NOT the best idea to bring a camera into the locker room. Mr. Gray has some serious man boobs- the more chub the better is what I say. Brian says he, "looks just like dad naked except he doesn't have any hair." Everyone who knows Brian knows thats a TYPICAL comment. :) He complains about his body more than a girl. Anyhow- we just booked Cabo in July for 10 days so we thought we better get Grayson ready for the pool. And little Miss needs to brush up on her swimming as well-

Yet another Auction Picture

Somehow I missed downloading this picture? But I thought that I needed to post it because I realized that out of all the pictures I posted- I had ZERO of Brian and I- which always's usually one of us with the camera.....or I

end up hating the picture because I look like a BIG FATTY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When Mac N Cheese happens to good people......

Okay serioulsy........Grayson requires some SERIOUS cleaning up after a meal. I have tried just about everything- large bibs, towels over the lap......nothing works. I have offically given up the fight. Now after dinner the kid gets stripped naked in the kitchen, clothes on the ground, & goes DIRECTLY into the bath. Here's the best part- Grayson gets clean in the bath- his clothes, the highchair and the 5 ft of surrounding area in the kitchen gets cleaned by Jackson (the dog) & Noah (the female---yes female- cat) So really it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Look Who Started T- Ball????

So little miss Madison started her TBall last night. Gray and I freezed our butts off!!! But she loved it & therefore it made the VERY COLD ONE HOUR really worth it. I don't mean to "judge" my own daughter's sport skills- BUT this one little girl she was playing catch & throw with kept yelling at Madison because apparently Maddie wasn't throwing the ball hard enough. Come to find out when daddy got home he took a look at the pictures I had taken and informed me that Madison had her mitt on the wrong hand and therefore was throwing with the WRONG HAND. Hey- I didn't know!!! I was concerned that she was well coordinated and dressed cute for her first practice. Maybe I am not the best role model!!!

Uncle Nicky is taking her to practice tomorrow night!! She needs some seriously coaching and I am not up for the job :) As for me.......mama is going to the gym!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Grayson 11 months

One month and counting until little Gray is a year! crazy!! He offically has two bottom teeth & we discovered that his top two are also coming in. So he just

might have some teeth after all- getting a little worried there. Maddie got hers so much earlier. It's amazing how different your kids can be. Grayson is such a CUDDLER- BIG TIME. That little man comes up and hugs me, lays his head on my lap or shoulder- it's so sweet. And everytime he does it he makes this really cute humming noise. His hair is still really light- but he has a lot of it. Little curls in the back!!! Eyes still gray like his name. Where he got those- who knows!!! He does look so much like my dad though- finally a kid that looks like my side of the family. Maddie is still the spitting image of Brian.

More pics of the St.Francis Auction

We all went a little camera crazy- well maybe I did!!! We just never get pictures of friends- It's typically always pictures of the kids. Brian always makes fun of me when we get pictures printed because there are never any of know the mom and dad......the people who produced the adorable offsprings!!! So anywho- this time I made sure we had lots.......unfortunetly the lighting was so bad that they are either blurry or way too bright!!! Enjoy anyway

Saturday- March 8th -St.Francis Auction

Michelle, Reny, Brian and I got all dolled up and went to Maddie's school auction down at the Convention Center. It was a lot of fun!! At the start of dinner they showed a video clip of Madison's class on these two huge screens. They were saying a was so cute!! We all put some bids in on some pretty cool things- but quickly got out bidded. We were the "poor folk" what can you say :) But I did end up winning a scarf!!! I am not sure how much they ended up raising- but with all the crazy money that was being thrown around I am sure they ended up raising more than last year!!

Sunday March 9th