Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So this stay at home mommy thing is a tough gig.....who signed me up by the way!!!

But I must DOES have it's perks. Take for instance the first two pictures. Madison's creations. They are truly lovely. She is such a creative young lady. Or the last picture of Grayson inspecting his foot and then trying to jam it in his mouth. Priceless really! Or take the following quotes for example:

Madison (sitting on the toilet): "Mommy......why is my pee powdery?"
Me: "Ummmmmm.....powerdy??? What do you mean exactly?"
Madison: "You know POWDERY!!! Here....come look!!!"

Me: "God Damn it.....where the hell are my keys? Madison have you seen the keys, mommy's cell phone? Crap....we're totally late."
Madison: " need the Boston Organizer. You'll never miss a call again and it even has TWO....YES TWO....places for your water bottles. Plus it comes in a variety of colors."


I know what most of you must think after seeing this picture: What a horribly mean mommy.....pick the poor child up. Well I have will power and bad habits form easy. Grayson gets tired and this is what he does and I am going to use my mad mommy skills and stick to my guns. Ya, okay so how many of you did I really fool....I picked him up seconds after dropping the camera. Really who can resist those big tears, the blonde curly hair and his big gray eyes. What more can I say....I am in love and he is my new man (sorry daddy B).

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grayson's T-Shirt

We bought this T-Shirt for little man Gray awhile back. Daddy dressed him it in today for the park. Our kid is destined to have style, what can we say!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008


On our way down to Lake Philips on Friday. We stayed the weekend with Jen, Kate, Chris and the kids at Jen's Family cabin. The kids were great in the car. Grayson started out excited to watch a movie and then quickly fell asleep. Brian was jamming to his tunes, Maddie was watching a movie (and complaining she couldn't hear it because dads tunes were too loud) and I was just excited to get up there and start our weekend out of the CAR!

More pics to follow tomorrow.........

Monday, July 21, 2008

Grayson- the "fit" thrower


We do daily :)

Mommy needs a play date

This stay at home mommy thing is NOT easy. Major props to anyone who chooses to stay home. OMG- How do you stay sane???? How do you still love your children after being home hour after hour with them. I love my children........really......I do. But I also love my time away. It doesn't help when all three of my babysitters decide to leave town the same two weeks. I mean who does that to a mom!! Really.....they should be collaborating know.....making sure I don't go insane and coordinating their vacations at different times.

Having over 100 middle school students walk in and out of my classroom in one day is cake compared to this. Screw setting up play dates for the kids. Mommy needs a pedicure and a drink. Who's with me?????

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swimming with the Dolphins

This year in Cabo Madison got to swim with a dolphin. It was so cool. She was excited and we were surprised when she hopped on the tummy of the dolphin and swam around the large pool area.....with no hesitation. We were suckered into buying this $25 picture. So I snapped a picture of it so I could post it on here and share! Better than paying the extra $15 for the digital image :)


Siera, Madison, Gray, Kate and I all ventured to the Zoo today. Grayson loved the hippos........maybe because they had balls in the water with them and he is obsessed with BALLS and BALLOONS right now!! Madison's favorite part were the "very tiny little turtles."

Enjoying the sun

These were taken the day before we left for Cabo- when it was HOT! So hot Madison was brave enough to dip her head into the ice hold hose pool water. Since then Grayson likes to throw a fit until I let him outside in the backyard where he proceeds to run towards the pool FULLY CLOTHED! He then decides to sit in the center of the filled pool......I think he does this because he knows it will lead to either myself or Brian undressing him and allowing him to run around the backyard naked. See pictures (evidence) below this post.

Who could resist these...........


Grayson has got to have the chubbiest butt I have seen on a baby.....dimples and all. The little man loves to run around in the buff- must take after his daddy on that one. Madison and I are the modest ladies of the house :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Catch

I was ready with the camera when the first pot came ended up being a very large starfish! Maddie wanted to keep it for a pet of course. When we finally got some crabs Grayson was reaching into the cage, not realizing they could pinch him. He petted a few and was really curious. Maddie on the other hand was excited when they first came up but then got sad because mom and dad were going to kill 'em and eat 'em :)

Day out on the Sound

We launched the boat Saturday in Des Moines and dropped four crab pots. After about an hour we couldn't take anymore of Madison's asking, "when can we go check for crabs?" So we headed back to pull them up. The first two had none!!! Well no crabs- but a very large starfish! The second two had a ton. We ended up with 8 pretty large males. YUM! My parents took the boat out a few hours later and got 10 more. I love crab season.........

Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation Pictures

When Big Sisters Happen to Little Brothers

Grayson was running around the house naked after his bath tonight. Madison decided it was highly inappropriate and so she decided to take things into her own hands.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pictures of Negra (Our ALMOST new pup)

This is Negra, our little puppy we adopted for about a week while down in Cabo. We almost brought her home........she's such a doll.