Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Field Day @ St.Francis

Well somehow I got suckered into another day of volunteering. I make it sound awful- it's not......but Brian was originally signed up to go and then got put on first shift that week- so I got to replace him on my day off. It wouldn't have been that bad- but someone was totally sexist and signed up ALL MEN for the football toss activity- Mr.DuBois being one of them. Well when Mrs. DuBois showed it was quite hilerous to the other dads involved. All kinds of great jokes were being thrown back and forth. They even made me throw a few balls......I secretly think they wanted to see the majority of the kindergarten class throw farther than me. Ha. ha.....NOT FUNNY!!

But the best part was when I got to hear Madison's Cheer at the end of the day!!! She was on the team here it goes:

We're Blue and White
We're Hecka Tight
Hold Up....Wait a minute
Let's put some spirit in it
Twinkle twinkle little star
Who do you think we really are
Go Barbados!
Go Barbados!

I so WISH I had it on video to share.

Memorial Weekend

Ahh....some of these pictures are too funny. Especially the ones of my husband digging through all three coolers to get a final beer count. We had to go on several beer runs despite the fact that I purchases two 30 packs of beer at Costco- ya- do the math....that's over 60 beers.....and there was a lot more purchased.

How about the pictures of Kyle with a fish net. Catch any fish you ask? NO! That's a new method of hauling firewood from one camp to another :)On a Harley bicycle no doubt-

And then there is little man gray chilling in the pool. His chub is too much to handle- it could make any woman's heart just melt.

As you can tell- we had an awesome time and despite what the weather man said the weather was in the 80's.

Memorial Weekend

Sunday, May 18, 2008

PLAN: When it's HOT- Play in the dog's water dish

Why wouldn't our kid decide that a dog's over sized water dish is the next best thing to mommy-

Again- this just confirms that we shouldn't waste our money on toys. Fill up a bucket of water and call it fun!!!

Burnt- Extra Crispy

Sunday we took the boat out for the first time this year. Thankfully the weather held up quite nicely- so much so that I learned a valuable lesson....well a few actually:

1) When you are a super white girl like me- you should apply sunblock everywhere- and I mean everywhere!! I mean who would have thought that I could get burnt in my arm pits :) Brian nicely pointed this out for me. What a great husband-

2) Even if you are flexible- which I am not- don't think you can apply sunblock without someone's help. It may seem like an okay idea at first- but once at home you will discover the affects of those spots you simply couldn't reach

3) Don't drink anything unless you are brave and are willing to dip your ass (this is a family blog!!!) into the FREEZING COLD water to pee

4) Bring lots of prescription drugs that you can pop about a half an hour before going into the docking area to take the boat of the water. You THERE ARE DRUNK AND CRAZY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!

5) Bring toys, coloring books, barbie houses, portable DVD players, bikes, scooters, etc to entertain the kids because boating is simply not "FUN" enough

6) Mental note to self: Boat by myself next time. No kids allowed :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

NWTrek Mother's Day

NWTrek Mother's Day

After almost three days of the family being sick.....what does every mother want for mother's day: A trip to NWTrek. Actually I say that like I didn't want to go- but it was me who was rallied up the troops. Maddie had a good day Saturday after puking all Friday night, Grayson was feeling better after puking Saturday morning and Brian....well Brian had some "stomach" issues. For his sake we won't go into detail. So things are looking bright Sunday morning. Everyone is feeling better and we had mentioned to Madison earlier in the week that NWTrek was a possibility on Sunday. Okay so basically once the kid heard that we had NO other choice but to go. We packed up a quick lunch and with rolling eyes Brian agrees to go. We're off....everything is going great....a little off and on rain on the way down....Maddie is complaining of a slight stomach ache....we get there......have a great time. I even go out on a limb when we are pulling out and say, "See that wasn't a bad idea at all....the trip totally worked out." And so....I spoke too soon. About 20 minutes into the car ride home Madison begins to puke. Mind you we have about a 60 min trip home. By the time we pull into the driveway the backseat is basically covered in it because the only thing we had for her to puke in is a plastic grocery bag- which conveniently had a freaking hole in it!!! And was almost see through- so guess what I got to look at for 40 mins on the way home!! IT WASN'T MY MOTHERS DAY GIFT!!! Poor thing....I felt so bad for her. She was begging for gatorade and food- but just could not hold anything down. She continued to throw up for the rest of the day and night. The "grand finale"- as I like to call it- was in our bed at about 11pm. Luckily she is feeling better today. Brian still has "stomach" problems & I have been working on cleaning the house ridding it of all germs, puke and other things I just simply won't talk about. - See Brian's "Stomach" problems for a clue :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mommy & Grayson- Taken by Miss Little Madison

Plain & Simple: Our kids are cute.....

Maddie 1st Haircut.....yes Maddie.....not Gray

Madison got her first haircut today. I realized last week when she FORCED me, yes I do mean FORCED, to straighten her hair- that she needed a cut BAD!!! And so we were off this morning at 9am to visit my man cutter- Ken. She only got an inch off- but the best part for her was- She got her hair straighten. And so for the last 5 hours she has been staring in the mirror and flipping her hair. And like all woman do- she gossiped with her hairdresser about her Kindergarten boyfriend- Mac. Which I knew nothing about........

Merry....??? or is it Happy.....???Cinco De Mayo Everyone

I told Maddie all week that on Friday I was going to take her and Gray to my school's Cinco De Mayo Celebration. Friday rolls around- Madison is totally excited after I told her all the FUN things that she could do. We get there, she looks around and says to me, "Mom....why are there so many Mexican people here?" I must have failed as a parent somewhere along the way!!! Because then she continues to say the music playing over the itercom system is totally annoying and it reminds her of being in Mexico. She then cheats at the limbo- hey look at the picture!! I got evidence. Gray decides to crap his pants, oh and.....right when we get there AND because I am such a prepared parent I didn't bring a diaper bag. In my defense- he just got bathed, had just pooped at home and I was only planning on staying two hours. Ok- so really there just isn't a good enough excuse.....but the whole "your brother crapped in his pants and he stinks" totally ended up working out because we got out of there in under an hour.

So enjoy.........AND Happy Cinco De Mayo

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Newest Pictures & Update

So it's been awhile since I posted. Our computer pretty much exploded on us. I would personally like to place ALL the blame on my husband's new addition to illegally burning DVD's. He swears that the computer crashing as NOTHING to do with his new addiction. I say otherwise. I mean, come on.....what kind of miracle timing is that? He gets addicted to burning DVD's and our computer crashes a week later. Do I sound bitter....well I am. It could not have come at a worse time because two days before it crashed I started back at school for my Masters and considering it's all on-line I kinda need this thing called A COMPUTER. Luckily I have a laptop from work and so it's finally getting put to some use.

Needless to say I am heartbroken at the thought of losing over 300 pictures from Grayson's first year of life. I feel sick just thinking about the chance they can't be recovered. And NO I DID NOT BACK THEM UP ON A FILE. Nor did I take the time to print the last few months hoo.....this sucks. Hopefully it all can be recovered-

Other than is busy like always. Maddie has T-Ball three days a week. You would think she was like playing on the Mariners or something. GEEZ- kid's sports are time consuming. It's really cutting into my new workout schedule too- Sounds selfish- I so know that. But working out means 45 minutes of absolute peace. No kids- dishes- dog- you like how I throw my husband's name out there after mentioning the dog. God I am a great wife :) No really though...I live for my 45 minute workout and now it's been cut down to two days a week. I mean who really can get skinny on just two days a week? I am not waiting for a miracle here!!

Grayson is taking more and more steps every day. But not fully walking quite yet. The crawling thing must still be working for him......but secretly I can not wait until the kid walks. It makes it so much easier!!! And really it is all about