Monday, May 12, 2008

NWTrek Mother's Day

After almost three days of the family being sick.....what does every mother want for mother's day: A trip to NWTrek. Actually I say that like I didn't want to go- but it was me who was rallied up the troops. Maddie had a good day Saturday after puking all Friday night, Grayson was feeling better after puking Saturday morning and Brian....well Brian had some "stomach" issues. For his sake we won't go into detail. So things are looking bright Sunday morning. Everyone is feeling better and we had mentioned to Madison earlier in the week that NWTrek was a possibility on Sunday. Okay so basically once the kid heard that we had NO other choice but to go. We packed up a quick lunch and with rolling eyes Brian agrees to go. We're off....everything is going great....a little off and on rain on the way down....Maddie is complaining of a slight stomach ache....we get there......have a great time. I even go out on a limb when we are pulling out and say, "See that wasn't a bad idea at all....the trip totally worked out." And so....I spoke too soon. About 20 minutes into the car ride home Madison begins to puke. Mind you we have about a 60 min trip home. By the time we pull into the driveway the backseat is basically covered in it because the only thing we had for her to puke in is a plastic grocery bag- which conveniently had a freaking hole in it!!! And was almost see through- so guess what I got to look at for 40 mins on the way home!! IT WASN'T MY MOTHERS DAY GIFT!!! Poor thing....I felt so bad for her. She was begging for gatorade and food- but just could not hold anything down. She continued to throw up for the rest of the day and night. The "grand finale"- as I like to call it- was in our bed at about 11pm. Luckily she is feeling better today. Brian still has "stomach" problems & I have been working on cleaning the house ridding it of all germs, puke and other things I just simply won't talk about. - See Brian's "Stomach" problems for a clue :)


Princess said...

I owe you one!!! ;)