Saturday, May 3, 2008

Merry....??? or is it Happy.....???Cinco De Mayo Everyone

I told Maddie all week that on Friday I was going to take her and Gray to my school's Cinco De Mayo Celebration. Friday rolls around- Madison is totally excited after I told her all the FUN things that she could do. We get there, she looks around and says to me, "Mom....why are there so many Mexican people here?" I must have failed as a parent somewhere along the way!!! Because then she continues to say the music playing over the itercom system is totally annoying and it reminds her of being in Mexico. She then cheats at the limbo- hey look at the picture!! I got evidence. Gray decides to crap his pants, oh and.....right when we get there AND because I am such a prepared parent I didn't bring a diaper bag. In my defense- he just got bathed, had just pooped at home and I was only planning on staying two hours. Ok- so really there just isn't a good enough excuse.....but the whole "your brother crapped in his pants and he stinks" totally ended up working out because we got out of there in under an hour.

So enjoy.........AND Happy Cinco De Mayo