Monday, January 28, 2008

Little Man Gray is ALWAYS Smiling........

This Kid is ALWAYS Smiling........

The Next American Idol

Brian just recently bought Rock Band for the XBox......him and Maddie jam out together, earn money and Madison buys herself cool rocker the way..........her rocker chick has pink hair. Does that mean trouble for us later :)

Anyhow, Maddie has some big dreams now and often grabs the microphone and sings to herself in the mirror. It's hilerous catching her looking at herself in the mirror- She knows she's cool :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Someone Discovered the Stairs????

Well Grayson is offically VERY mobile. Most days I find him sneaking into Maddie's room. But when we are downstairs the stairs seem to be his lastest fasination......that and any of Jackson's chew toys. GROSS!!! Needless to say we don't get much done when he is on the go. I sooooo do not remember this stage with Madison. Maybe it's been a long time, maybe he is just a lot more active. He definitly is a happy guy.......always smiling!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

More Seahurst Pictures......

Seahurst Beach

We decided to treat Jackson to a morning at the beach. It was COLD!!! And needless to say we didn't stay too long........just long enough to get Jackson stinky & Maddie added some cool shells to her collections.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey Look!!! It's little Miss Madison WITH TEETH

As of today Madison is working on wiggling out her 6th tooth. I keep telling her that she needs to let them be or she'll be toothless like Great Grandma Baba.........she gets a scared looked on her face for about a second and then rememebers her lost teeth mean $$$$$

Such Little Feet

Grayson at 3 months

This is one of our favorite pictures of Gray.....

Litte Man in the tub

These are the CUTEST pair of man boobs you have ever laid eyes on-

Just took these tonight- Gray got into his sister's room. I turn my head for a second and there he goes- army crawling it to his sister's room as fast as he can. She's got bite sized Polly Pockets, man!!!!

It's a DuBois Family Christmas 07

Finally got to downloading some of our Christmas pictures :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maddie & Her Cousins

Madison, Siera, Cameron, & Aiden

Seahurst Beach 2007

I was recently looking through all of our old photos and could NOT believe how big Gray has gotten. It's a bit hard to believe that he is almost a year......within a few months he'll be walking!! He is really starting to form his own little personality. He is such a mover compared to Maddie. His legs are always kicking and moving. He's crawling- well more like an army crawl- all arms and no legs. No teeth yet, though. Lots of hair- which Maddie never had until almost two years!! He might get lucky and get his sister's curly locks. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to have another- they just don't stay that small for very long.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Flooded Basement

Our basement flooded on the 10th of December. It was unbelievably hard to look at after all the hard work we had put into it this past year. It was literally 4 inches deep. The pictures don't quite capture all the damage the water did and it was a slow process getting things back to normal. We finally put new carpet in and it ended up turning out okay in the end. And.....Good News- We applied to FEMA and with 6 days they had come out, assessed the damage and dropped some $$$ into our account to help with the costs of the damages.

I am biased, but our kids are CUTE!!!

These pictures are from our latest trip to Alecia's studio. As hectic as the photo session was: (Grayson was in a horrible mood and I forgot a bottle -BAD MOM.....let's not even get into the two trips to Target that Brian had to make in the middle of all of this) But the pictures ended turning out so great (like always). These are just a few of my favorites.