Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall @ the Zoo

The kids and I had the most amazing afternoon at the zoo. I had been telling them for days that if it didn't rain on our day off we'd head down there. Well the sun was shining and we might as well get some good use of our season pass! (BEST PURCHASE!) Anyhow- we packed ourselves up some lunch and headed down there around 11am. We managed to see every inch of that place in three hours! The kids were so well behaved and loved each other for three hours! It was all fighting once we hit the car. But three hours of bliss ..... I am NOT complaining-

Monday, November 2, 2009

Anyone Want a Drawer FULL of Candy?

Halloween was a blast this year. The weather could not have been anymore perfect! We loaded the wagon with adult beverages and headed out with a gang of about twenty- Gray really got into it this year and practically ran from house to house. Maddie was a great big sister and helped her little brother out, but by house #5 he got the hang of it. Now we are just fighting the candy fight every night. We find Gray in dark corners of the house eating candy and we have candy wrappers showing up in the oddest of the parent's bed? Hmmmmm.....wonder what daddy that could be :)