Saturday, September 27, 2008

Miss Aggressive- FIRST GOAL!!!!!!!!

We were on our way to Madison's soccer game this morning when I asked her if today was the day she was going to score her first goal. She asked if she could get ice cream if she did and we said "sure." Well......looks like bribary works wonders even on the soccer field. They played the boys today and she was so aggressive. Brian and I were so impressed with her "mad" soccer skills today. She is getting better and better!!! She took the ball down the field and shot it directly in the net!! I have to admit I almost starting crying. She had just about the biggest smirk on her face.

Favorite Time: BATH TIME

Typically Gray gets his bath right after dinner simply because he is so messy! The second he hears "bath" he is running full spead towards the tub. He especially loves it when big sissy Madison decides to jump in. If that's the case she has to get out at the same time as him or else it's a major fight to get him out without screaming and kicking!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Multiple Post.....Scroll it down......

Yes....he REALLY is this cute!!!

Biased.......yes!!!! But the kid is so adorable.......what a little lover. Brian calls him our "Godzilla" child (our house being Tokyo) because the kid can destruct a house in a matter of a few seconds.

Gray & His Papa

Madison: Social butterfly.....

Madison is really into soccer this year. However......the social aspect of it all is probably what she enjoys best (have no idea where she gets that with parents like us....). Here she is with some friends from St.Francis.....


Little man Gray is getting so big and doing new things every day. Today he started making the sound of a snake......."ssssttttthhhhhhh" with a lot of spit flying out of his mouth!! About now his favorite things are ballons, balls, papa rick, and jackson the dog. We can't take him anywhere without someone asking where he got all the blonde air.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CRAZY FUN at Grandpa & Grandma's

Crazy & fun things happen at grandpa & grandma's house........

We drive.....sometimes with no hands!

We lay around and watch football.....

We swim in hottubs....for two hours!!!

We lift weights...... because you are never to young to be fit and trim for the ladies

And we feed the animals (no....not daddy or papa) Norton the PIG!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Only a mother could love this face

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Madison: (in bed) "Mommy come here.....I want to show you a trick."

Me: "Whhhhaatttt Madison? Mommy's tired and wants to go to bed." (time: 8:30....and yes I am totally excited about bed)

Madison: shows me a pen that clicks up and down.

Me: grabbing the pen from her hands, "Madison, that's sharp and you could hurt yourself. We don't take pens to bed."

Madison: "But mommy......I need it just in case I have to poke the grimlens."

Thank god for silly stuff like forces me forgive her for everything she did today!!!

P.S. What does it mean when it's 8:44 and all you are truly excited about in life is turning the TV OFF, eating cookies, drinking a coke and then going to bed. If you say it means your about to turn 30 then.....well I hate you. I AM OLD. REALLY OLD- and it has nothing to do with being 30......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Cute Pics from Saturday......

I don't look intoxicated in this I?????

Look Who's a 1st Grader

Little Miss is offically in first grade!!! Grayson, Brian and I all walked her into class this morning. She found her seat in the front right away. She gets to sit next to her friend Jackson who was in class with her last year. Her teacher is Mrs. Hanson and Madison says she's really nice. I asked her about her first day and she said her favorite part was recess because she got to play with her two best friends Olivia and Luci. This year she is in the big school. Her 1st grade classroom was actually my kindergarten class WAY back in the day. These last three pictures are of when I picked her up this afternoon. She is pointing me out to her teacher so she can get out of line to walk home. I am pretty sure she had a good first day....she had a smile on her face when she was walking out of school.