Sunday, May 18, 2008

Burnt- Extra Crispy

Sunday we took the boat out for the first time this year. Thankfully the weather held up quite nicely- so much so that I learned a valuable lesson....well a few actually:

1) When you are a super white girl like me- you should apply sunblock everywhere- and I mean everywhere!! I mean who would have thought that I could get burnt in my arm pits :) Brian nicely pointed this out for me. What a great husband-

2) Even if you are flexible- which I am not- don't think you can apply sunblock without someone's help. It may seem like an okay idea at first- but once at home you will discover the affects of those spots you simply couldn't reach

3) Don't drink anything unless you are brave and are willing to dip your ass (this is a family blog!!!) into the FREEZING COLD water to pee

4) Bring lots of prescription drugs that you can pop about a half an hour before going into the docking area to take the boat of the water. You THERE ARE DRUNK AND CRAZY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!

5) Bring toys, coloring books, barbie houses, portable DVD players, bikes, scooters, etc to entertain the kids because boating is simply not "FUN" enough

6) Mental note to self: Boat by myself next time. No kids allowed :)