Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Field Day @ St.Francis

Well somehow I got suckered into another day of volunteering. I make it sound awful- it's not......but Brian was originally signed up to go and then got put on first shift that week- so I got to replace him on my day off. It wouldn't have been that bad- but someone was totally sexist and signed up ALL MEN for the football toss activity- Mr.DuBois being one of them. Well when Mrs. DuBois showed it was quite hilerous to the other dads involved. All kinds of great jokes were being thrown back and forth. They even made me throw a few balls......I secretly think they wanted to see the majority of the kindergarten class throw farther than me. Ha. ha.....NOT FUNNY!!

But the best part was when I got to hear Madison's Cheer at the end of the day!!! She was on the team here it goes:

We're Blue and White
We're Hecka Tight
Hold Up....Wait a minute
Let's put some spirit in it
Twinkle twinkle little star
Who do you think we really are
Go Barbados!
Go Barbados!

I so WISH I had it on video to share.