Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're Back............. nice to be home, yet I already wish we were back laying by the pool. We had such an amazing time! The kids were great. Grayson was the easiest little guy-took long naps and slept so well at night. Maddie was literally a fish the entire time and gained a bit more confidence each day in the pool. By the end of the trip she was jumping off the water fall and swimming the entire pool's length. Brian managed to hurt himself while swimming in the ocean. He stepped on a sea creature and got stuck with about 20 black needles. We had to take him to the Dr. in town the next day. A few beers later he was back to new. We almost adopted a little baby black lab that our neighbors down there had found. Now looking at all the pictures of her I really wished we would have brought her home. But it would have been a very long and hot journey home for her and we felt badly about crating her. Jackson would have liked his souvenier. More pictures to come in the next day or two-