Monday, March 10, 2008

Grayson 11 months

One month and counting until little Gray is a year! crazy!! He offically has two bottom teeth & we discovered that his top two are also coming in. So he just

might have some teeth after all- getting a little worried there. Maddie got hers so much earlier. It's amazing how different your kids can be. Grayson is such a CUDDLER- BIG TIME. That little man comes up and hugs me, lays his head on my lap or shoulder- it's so sweet. And everytime he does it he makes this really cute humming noise. His hair is still really light- but he has a lot of it. Little curls in the back!!! Eyes still gray like his name. Where he got those- who knows!!! He does look so much like my dad though- finally a kid that looks like my side of the family. Maddie is still the spitting image of Brian.


Vanessa said...

Your family is so adorable Erika!!!!

Princess said...

I love all of your posts!! I always check your page & there are not new ones, then I will skip a couple of days & there are a bunch!! You kids to too cute! Looks like St. Francis Action was fun!! :)