Monday, November 3, 2008

It was a dark and spooky night...........

No....not really. Actually the weather was quite lovely.....perfect really. THANK YOU JESUS. There is nothing worse than trick or treating in the rain and putting on a happy face like you are having the best time in the world. Don't get me wrong....I thoroughly enjoy myself.....but the weather must be up to my standards. And thankfully it was so everyone had a wonderful time. Grayson, as shown in the picture, has a death grip on his candy pale. Once he discovered, after house #4 or so, that candy went into this orange pale called a pumpkin he was totally into this "strutten around in a silly costume" thing.

Maddie on the other hand was just "SUPER" excited to hang out with one of her best buds Luci. And her daddy was SUPER excited too to hang out with Luci's dad and drink beer without me complaining. His look to me says "Hey if he gets to do it (drink beer)so can I right honey?"

It was definitly a successful Halloween. The candy drawer has been restored to Madison's standards and I look forward to finding candy wrappers on my husband's side of the bed real soon.


Chris said...

Can I use that line about drinking beer?