Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I HEART Leg Warmers & Big Bangs

There really aren’t enough words to describe Retro Day at Pacific Middle School. Especially when you have wacky middle school teachers who are all about making complete asses of themselves for the sake a few hundred laughs. I think I might have put a few students in shock.......I know what you're thinking and you're was definitely my white and black leopard stretch pants. They are in fact absolutely beautiful and if you really want a pair you can find them at your local Target for only $12.95. Because don't think for a second that I am ridding myself of the pair that I sported all day. Here's just how embarrassed I was: I WOULD NOT get out of my car this morning to get coffee at Starbucks. No.....I waited in line for like ummmmmmmmm.....15 mins. And I came very close to running out of gas as well this morning. On the way home....I went to the "full service" pump so that I wouldn't have to get out of the car. I also stuck to my classroom most of the day and didn't walk the halls much. Call me me shy......I just call myself completely insane for having the guts to wear those pants.