Monday, August 25, 2008

I've been tagged........

Six things about me........hmmmmmmm......what information do I want to disclose????

1) I am addicted to checking the following news websites daily (several times daily actually):

And it's totally morbid I know......but I seek out horribly sad news stories about kids!!! Why? I simply don't know.......I like torturing myself I guess. And sometimes I like to remind myself of how good I have it. It also helps me realize that our kids have a very easy one less barbie or polly pocket won't kill Madison.

2) I love my job!!! As most of you have read over the last several weeks I have come to the starteling conclusion that staying home is for saints. And I ain't one of them. Even though I don't make crap for money & every year I think about leaving for a higher paying job, I love going to work every day (well almost every day). Not many people can say they love what they do and I love it!!!

3) I have the BEST network of girlfriends. I feel like each of them are in my life for a different reason. Each serves a purpose for keeping my life sane and in check. Jen & Kate for example make work & life in general fun.....they mock me to no end......make up rumors about me having a beanie babies collection.....still, at the end of each work day I can laugh or sometimes cry with them in their classrooms. Alecia gets the concept of the craziness of motherhood and being married with her and I have some pretty nice bitch/vent sessions together. I always feel better......and now that she has three.....I feel like life with two crazy kids can't be as insane as life with three. Xylona is my girl......she gets me. I tell her everything and know that no matter what comes out of my mouth I won't be judged. She tells me how it is and I love her honestly. Mercedes has been in my life for the longest. No matter how different our lives.....I know we will always remain friends.

4) My family is gorgeous. Helloooooo.....just look at them.

5)I am addicted to shopping for clothes....for ME. I know....I know.....this is really news to everyone. But had to throw it out there. Favorite places to shop: Target, Nordstrom Rack (b/c who can really afford the real thing?), Value Village (don't you dare knock it until you try it), and Old Navy (great clothes for fat teachers on a budget).

6) I FIRST thought blogging was so weird and now I am offically addicted. I mean...I take pictures just for the purpose of blogging. I read everyone blogs every day and when my husband asks, "Why do you read people blogs?" I give him the middle finger.


Mrs. Bickerson said...

You are so funny! Let me know when the sales are at VV so I can hit them up.

Chris said...

Dude you could totally sell that last picture of Grayson