Sunday, August 24, 2008

Party Bus

Last night we went out for Amber's 26th Birthday (Little Nicky's girlfriend). They rented a party bus and wow........didn't quite know the extent to the whole concept. Imagine, 30 or more crazy 20's something party people on a bus, drinking & dancing like rock stars while driving 70 down the freeway. Really.....words don't capture just how hilerous it was to see. It made me feel really old and really burnette :) Because I was almost the only one.....there was another one...but she was like 6 foot and about 100 pounds- so technically she did not count. Brian and I kept laughing at each other because we both felt the same: not able to keep up. Let's just say that there were about three bottles of Mad Dog being passed around even before the first stop in Kirkland.


Presca Lynn said...

Right... I would not be able to keep up either...
Part of me is glad that I am getting too old for that stuff...especially too old for the morning after!! ;)
Gosh.. I would probably get car sick! HA!!

Mrs. Bickerson said...

Party buses are so fun!
I'm tagging you...go to my page to figure out what to do next.

Chris said...

Who in the hell would drink Cooks out of a bottle like that? Oh yeah.