Friday, August 22, 2008

Professional Blueberry Pickers- see below for a first timer

Every year we go to a "U-Pick" blueberry farm in Burien. It's tradition and has been for as long as I can remember. I remember times where I ran around the fields hiding from my brother and there were, of course, a few years I just simply didn't go at all because picking blueberries was just not a cool thing to do when you're a teen.

Madison first started going when she was in my belly and every year since has returned with me. She is getting quite good at picking and quite competitive I might add. Uncle Nicky put her up on his shoulders so she could get the biggest ones. When she checked in with me to see how many blueberries I had racked up, she quickly saw that I had about 5 times as much as her. That's when she started grabbing my berries by the handful and sticking them into her pale. I told her it didn't matter because they all end up in the same place- our freezer. She then informed me that she was going to have a separate area for hers that no-one was allowed to touch. Maybe she is entering into her teen years early? God help us if she is!!!!

By the way......this pic of my brother and I is hilarious. Not a cute picture of me at all.......quite funny actually.....and then check out my little bro's glasses.....ya.....even funnier!!! Sorry Nick.....have to bring you down with me on this one.