Monday, June 23, 2008

Madison's New Vacation Hat

We went and picked up another swimsuit for Madison today. She found this hat and after seeing it on her I couldn't resist. She continued to wear it the entire day along with her new bikini. I think she might be a little excited to go on vacation?

Schools Out for Summer

Yes, even teachers LOVE and LIVE for summer vacation. And what else would we be doing on the last day of school other than celebrating. Well.....sleeping, but we have 60 more days to do that. Madison decided she would take charge and capture some of the more funnier moments of the night. Grayson was the entertainment. And I was just there for the laughs..........and like always there was lots of them!

WARNING: EXTREME NUDITY....proceed with caution

Lemonade Anyone???

Little Miss decided on Friday that she MUST have a lemonade stand. You know I often wonder how the whole Lemonade stand concept works out for parents. I (the parent) buys the supplies, $10 , I am stuck outside in the front for hours watching to be sure some sexual preditor isn't anywhere in site and she (Madison) rakes in the dough!! The girl made over $14 on .50 cent cups of lemonade. After seeing this picture and just how happy she was when she was getting lines of cars- it was really worth it. At first she didn't have many people and asked, "Mom when you were little and had a lemonade stand how did you get customers." I said, "Well I just held my sign up high, waved it in the air and smiled really big when people drove by." Looks like she took my advice- :)

DuBois Kids @ the Park

Madison, Grayson and I went to the park last week. Between Brian and I we try to take them at least once a day. Grayson loves to crawl up the stairs and attempt the slide on his own. I love those two pictures of little miss. Her freckles are really started to come out with the small amount of sun we have been getting. She is so excited for Mexico. Every day she asks me about the amount of days we have left until we leave. I asked her what the first thing she wanted to do was- she said go to the beach. We are a bit nervous about flying with Grayson!!!

Kyle & Kecia's Reception After Party

The pictures say it all: we obviously had WAY too much fun. Needless to say we weren't feeling our finest on Sunday & the worst of it was I had two papers due by midnight. UGH!!!!! There's nothing like trying to do HW, hungover with Grayson running around the house.

Who's Got the Moves???

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Yard, The House & Madison's Room

I truly wish I had a picture to show you of Madison's room and the state it is in right this very second. Picture no floor because it's covered with clothes, paints, 100's of sheets of colored on paper, markers, polly pockets, blankets, blocks, shoes, etc- You get my point. The girl does not know how to clean. It doesn't matter how many times Brian or I harp on her about cleaning up before something else is brought out- somehow the girl manages to destroy her bedroom in less than a day. I told her that I had offically given up the fight. This came after a few dozen times of walking into her room the last few days and her saying, "mom....don't look....just don't look at my room. I know it's messy mom." I continued to tell her about the rats that would soon be living in her room- she seemed excited about the notion of another pet & just the thought of not having to clean her room- well it all sounded too good to be true for her. And so..........

Now she is trailing her mess throughout the house because "mommy....I can't play polly pockets in my room anymore because it's a mess." ugh........our house will never be clean!!!

Anyhow..........this explains why there is a bed laying in our front yard in the picture above. Madison brought out all her blankets and pillows- of course not thinking they would get extremely dirty with grass and Grayson drool....!!!! Grayson decided it would be a nice and comfy spot to lie down for a second.

Snot Kid

You know when you were little, like 12 through 29, and you thought that you would NEVER and I mean NEVER have a kid who had snot dripping down his nose.....yea well...check out my kid.

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Question: What does every young dad want for father's day?
Answer: To Sleep in

And so that's exactly what Grayson, Madison and I planned for Brian. We also planned on a big eggs beni breakfast once he woke up. Gray woke up around 7:00 and Maddie soon followed. I tried to keep them as quiet as possible, but everyone who has small kids knows how literally impossible that is. Madison kept asking every 10 minutes when daddy was getting up. She was excited to give him his present- cute.....but after an hour of the same question over and over.....I was secretly hoping he would be up soon. And so my prayers were answered. He popped his head into the kitchen at 8:30.........I felt so bad. The poor guy will never get to sleep in.......I even told him to go back to bed after breakfast, but it was pretty much too late after that.

Girls Gone Wild - PG Version

Sunday, June 8, 2008

P.S. Look where we'll be in 20 days

But who is counting............

For all of you who have yet to see Grayson walk.

Okay so minus my irritating voice and sound affects- this is pretty cute. Grayson thought it was quite hilerous that I was chasing after him. He is really into running and being chased by monsters....hense the "GGGrrrrrrhhaaaaa," noise I am making :)

Maddie gets her 1st trophy

T-Ball Season is over. YESSSSSSSSS!!! Oops did I say that outloud. Okay so I totally mean to be a good parent and I do try my hardest- but this T-Ball thing consumed our lives. It would be one thing if Brian was home nights and could split the responsibility with me. But two games a week and practice just about killed me. Not to mention the crappy weather and toting Gray along. It was really all worth it though when Maddie received her 1st trophy Friday night. The coach said she was by far the best listener on the team :) So cute!!!! Brian told her he'd build her a shelf for all her medals, trophies and ribbons. I say, "Is this your way of telling me she'll be playing again next year?" Ugh,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mariner Game

Another teacher and myself run the WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) program at Pacific. It's basically a group of 80 outstanding 8th graders who help with incoming 7th graders feel welcomed at 7th grade orientation, run fundraisers throughout the year, etc, etc, etc.........

So to show our appreciation we took a bunch of them to the Mariners game last Tuesday night. Madison tagged along and of course had a blast. She steals the show every time she comes to my school- they all adore her and she LOVES and I mean LOVES all the attention.

Grayson discovers the slide

It's never a good idea when your 14th month old decides he's bold enough to take on the slide himself. It's also not a good idea to focus more on getting it on video vs. making sure he gets down the slide safetly.

Look- Even Jackson the Dog is Happy

After a huge turkey dinner what does every family feel like doing????????? How about taking a walk to the park.........Brian looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested it, but meant getting out of the dishes. So off we went. Grayson is getting a lot more brave. He thoroughly enjoys taking off in the opposite direction of us. So much the opposite of his sister. Madison wouldn't leave our site at that age. Maddie showed us all her moves on the bars- she's been practicing quite a bit at recess apparently. Jackson got to play fetch and made a friend with a Golden. He was tuckered out by the time we reached home.

Grayson's Curls

This picture doesn't quite capture just how curly Grayson's hair is. Not to mention the kid has blonde hair!! Maddie had about a quarter this amount of hair at Grayson's age- so chances are he'll have a lot of hair and it will be curly like his sisters.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Brian is an ANIMAL

Watch my crazy husband leg wrestle. This was yet another highlight of our weekend. For this round some serious cash was thrown down.....I am not kidding you- I swear there was at least $50 out there!!!

For literally over 20 minutes side bets were going on. Just when you thought the match was going to start- someone would come running down the stairs with another $10to throw down. As you can see in the clip- Brian even had a trainer fanning him. I don't this it shows the actual leg wrestling- but Brian ended up kicking some serious ass!!! The lady he is wresting was THE RESIDENT CHIROPRACTOR- her nickname- but I actually think she is a chiropractor ???


What is it with bugs and kids?

Maddie and I found a caterpiller late yesterday in the backyard. She carried it around in her hands for over an hour talking to it. I think she was giving the furry thing a tour of the backyard, asking it where it would like to live. I think they finally settled on a condo in the tree.

Birthday Celebration at home with the kids

Since we didn't get to celebrate Brian's 34th with the kids- Maddie and I went to the store Sunday and she picked out a cake for her daddy. I think Grayson probably enjoyed it the most. As you can see- a bath was needed right after the last bite. As well as a hose to spray down his highchair. He must be like his mommy and like sweets!

Our Weekend in Squim

Brian's dad has put on a golf tourni every year for the last five years. This year's was in Squim and happened to fall on Brian's birthday. Nick and Amber watched the kids after attending "baby boot camp" which entailed a three paged, typed list of how to take care of Grayson. There was only one paragraph on how to take care of Maddie- that girl can run the show!! And it sounds like she did :)

Anyhow, We headed out early Friday and checked into the Beach house that Doug and Cec rented for us. It was awesome......right on the beach, big fire pit, total
70's porno feel to it- no shag carpet- but it was stylish nonetheless :) We shared the house with Kourtney and Tony (Tony is Cec's son). They are totally fun and our age- and we had a great time joking with them about the decor in the place. Really- we got some inspiring ideas that I can't wait to try out in our place...the decorating- quick thinking 70's porno!!!

We quickly got all unpacked and headed to the 6 lane bowling ally- it too was a very classy joint. I think the two guys working behind the counter had never seen so much business. The place was packed with everyone from the tournament. Did I mention the "local" we met- ummmm...ya...he had a minimal amount of teeth? We discovered this when Bill, Brian's buddy, accidently starting drinking the guys beer. When Bill's wife, Leann, pointed out to Bill that wasn't in fact his beer- he quickly discovered it belonged to the toothless man who hangs out at the bowling ally every day. ALL DAY!! Needless to say Bill didn't get kissed the rest of the weekend- Poor guy!!! I think the whole event through his entire golf game.

Saturday was the tournament and Leann and I, along with two other wives, were offical CART BABES. Hey- we had to be something because there was no way I was going to golf. We had the fun job of driving around, taking pictures and delivering bloody mary's to everyone. It was a blast. Leann and I made $60 in tips!! Hey- Beer $$$!!!
Then afterwards there was a luncheon and awards ceremony where Brian's team took last place- see picture. They each won a brand new set of golf clubs- kiddy style. Maddie and Gray loved them though-

We finished up the evening partying back at Doug and Cec's Beach house with about 50 others. It was a blast. We are sooooo tired, but are ready to do it all over again next year.

P.S. I am a graduate Cart Babe- which means I will be golfing instead next year :) Go ahead and laugh now........but ladies.....think of all the possibilies for a new and cute golf outfit.