Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Weekend in Squim

Brian's dad has put on a golf tourni every year for the last five years. This year's was in Squim and happened to fall on Brian's birthday. Nick and Amber watched the kids after attending "baby boot camp" which entailed a three paged, typed list of how to take care of Grayson. There was only one paragraph on how to take care of Maddie- that girl can run the show!! And it sounds like she did :)

Anyhow, We headed out early Friday and checked into the Beach house that Doug and Cec rented for us. It was awesome......right on the beach, big fire pit, total
70's porno feel to it- no shag carpet- but it was stylish nonetheless :) We shared the house with Kourtney and Tony (Tony is Cec's son). They are totally fun and our age- and we had a great time joking with them about the decor in the place. Really- we got some inspiring ideas that I can't wait to try out in our place...the decorating- quick thinking 70's porno!!!

We quickly got all unpacked and headed to the 6 lane bowling ally- it too was a very classy joint. I think the two guys working behind the counter had never seen so much business. The place was packed with everyone from the tournament. Did I mention the "local" we met- ummmm...ya...he had a minimal amount of teeth? We discovered this when Bill, Brian's buddy, accidently starting drinking the guys beer. When Bill's wife, Leann, pointed out to Bill that wasn't in fact his beer- he quickly discovered it belonged to the toothless man who hangs out at the bowling ally every day. ALL DAY!! Needless to say Bill didn't get kissed the rest of the weekend- Poor guy!!! I think the whole event through his entire golf game.

Saturday was the tournament and Leann and I, along with two other wives, were offical CART BABES. Hey- we had to be something because there was no way I was going to golf. We had the fun job of driving around, taking pictures and delivering bloody mary's to everyone. It was a blast. Leann and I made $60 in tips!! Hey- Beer $$$!!!
Then afterwards there was a luncheon and awards ceremony where Brian's team took last place- see picture. They each won a brand new set of golf clubs- kiddy style. Maddie and Gray loved them though-

We finished up the evening partying back at Doug and Cec's Beach house with about 50 others. It was a blast. We are sooooo tired, but are ready to do it all over again next year.

P.S. I am a graduate Cart Babe- which means I will be golfing instead next year :) Go ahead and laugh now........but ladies.....think of all the possibilies for a new and cute golf outfit.