Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Yard, The House & Madison's Room

I truly wish I had a picture to show you of Madison's room and the state it is in right this very second. Picture no floor because it's covered with clothes, paints, 100's of sheets of colored on paper, markers, polly pockets, blankets, blocks, shoes, etc- You get my point. The girl does not know how to clean. It doesn't matter how many times Brian or I harp on her about cleaning up before something else is brought out- somehow the girl manages to destroy her bedroom in less than a day. I told her that I had offically given up the fight. This came after a few dozen times of walking into her room the last few days and her saying, "mom....don't look....just don't look at my room. I know it's messy mom." I continued to tell her about the rats that would soon be living in her room- she seemed excited about the notion of another pet & just the thought of not having to clean her room- well it all sounded too good to be true for her. And so..........

Now she is trailing her mess throughout the house because "mommy....I can't play polly pockets in my room anymore because it's a mess." ugh........our house will never be clean!!!

Anyhow..........this explains why there is a bed laying in our front yard in the picture above. Madison brought out all her blankets and pillows- of course not thinking they would get extremely dirty with grass and Grayson drool....!!!! Grayson decided it would be a nice and comfy spot to lie down for a second.