Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I HEART Leg Warmers & Big Bangs

There really aren’t enough words to describe Retro Day at Pacific Middle School. Especially when you have wacky middle school teachers who are all about making complete asses of themselves for the sake a few hundred laughs. I think I might have put a few students in shock.......I know what you're thinking and you're was definitely my white and black leopard stretch pants. They are in fact absolutely beautiful and if you really want a pair you can find them at your local Target for only $12.95. Because don't think for a second that I am ridding myself of the pair that I sported all day. Here's just how embarrassed I was: I WOULD NOT get out of my car this morning to get coffee at Starbucks. No.....I waited in line for like ummmmmmmmm.....15 mins. And I came very close to running out of gas as well this morning. On the way home....I went to the "full service" pump so that I wouldn't have to get out of the car. I also stuck to my classroom most of the day and didn't walk the halls much. Call me me shy......I just call myself completely insane for having the guts to wear those pants.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mommy & Daddy got out of the house.....

Brian and I got a sitter last minute so decided to go to our friend's Halloween party. We threw together some quick outfits (Value Village is our friend)......if you couldn't tell he is a 70's hussler and I am his hooker. The party was a blast and there were some great costumes. It's always fun dressing up. Of course we are paying for our "fun" today by recovering around the house. Unforuntely the house is a mess, I have a paper due and sub plans to write. YUK! Oh well.....last night was very much worth it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We had an awesome day today out at the Maris Farms. Grayson loved all the pumpkins and literally wanted to touch every one. He also attempted to pick up several HUGE ones but quickly realized he wasn't going to be able to carry one home. Maddie was all over the pony always. On our way out she got to see lots of once again the subject of "why can't I have a horse" came up. I explained the long list of very expensive reasons why it just is not a good idea. She let out a big sigh at the end of our conversation and said, "It just doesn't seem fair....I have to save up to buy a horse, but then I have to save up all over again to buy a big back yard." Then Brian chimes in and tells her that horses take big craps the size of her room. Maddie came back with "Ya and so do you dad." I couldn't help but bust up laughing....Ahhhh... aren't family car rides interesting.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Video of Madison Cheering

Lord Jesus Help Us!

Maddie brought home a flyer early last week for a Kennedy Cheer Camp for last Sunday. Apparently "all" her friends were going so like most parents we caved :) She loved spending all day with the Kennedy Cheerleaders practicing their routine for the half time show last night. Here are some pictures from Thursday night's performance. She said the experience was better than scoring a goal. That's where the "Lord us" part comes in. I am just going to come out and say it: I think we are raising a cheerleader. (A tear drops) You must understand....I was "that" girl in H.S. who made fun of cheerleaders and mocked them to no end. Of's fate or bad carma.....whatever you want to call it. Luckily she LOVES soccer as my fingers are still crossed.

October 31st Sneak Peek

So picking out Grayson's costume was hard this year. There was so many cute ideas out there. Maddie is going to be an Angel so it was only natural that Gray be a little devil. But then I ran into Costco the other night and could not resist this elephant costume. Best part it was $9.99 & WARM. Plus it's totally fitting because Grayson has been making new animals noises everyday and his favorite to make is the elephant. Unfortuntely he hates WEARING the costume. Although these pictures are not really proof of that. He actually looks quite content and happy. But really...he's not. Trust me.....he wanted to rip the thing off the minute I put it on. However since bringing it home he has taken the costume out of his closet and carried it around the house (hugging it). So maybe in a week he'll fall so in love with it he'll be willing to wear it for a few hours of trick or treating. If not.....then he is going as the little devil child he really is!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

#1 Fan

Grayson is his sisters #1 fan. He watches her for about 10 minutes and the spends the rest of the time trying to get at the team treats. He's such a little porker!! All the team parents know to bring extras for him.

Another Two Goals

The Pink Flamingo's played a tough team today. Madison & another girl got pulled aside by the ref and were told to stop the elbowing. I guess Madison really took us seriously when we told her to get out there today and be aggressive. She also scored another two goals and after her second she yells, "MOM.....that means two scoops!!!" That girl will do just be anything for icecream!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Beautiful Babies

Grayson loves nothing more than running around the house naked and climbing up to his sister's loft bed. Maddie loves nothing more than screaming at him to get out of her room. Ahhhhh.....they sure do love each other :) Kinda reminds me of how I felt about my little brother.