Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Madison's 1st T-Ball Game

Wow....that was sheer entertainment!!! The first inning was interesting to say the least. The other team was up to bat first. The first hit was batted, out comes the ball & there is Madison and 14 other teammates standing around the field staring at the ball. So what comes next? 14 sets of parents yelling, "Get the ball!!!" You can only guess what follows...........14 kids running towards one ball.

Madison did so well!!! She played 2nd base and on the way home she was talking to Brian about the game. I told her, "Tell your dad you got someone out when you played 2nd base." She looked at me when I said that and said, "I got someone out on 2nd base?? I didn't even know that." She protected 2nd with her life- so much so that she literally stood on top of the base the entire time. Some of the dads that helped out finally had to draw a big line in the dirt so she knew where to stand.
I asked Maddie her favorite part. Her response was, "I liked running around the bases because I am fast and good at it."