Sunday, April 20, 2008


It snowed on Grayson's birthday......weird??? April 19th & we got snow??? Brian's dad, his girlfriend Cec, Brian, Grayon and I all braved the cold weather to watch Madison's T-Ball game. ALthough that is not entirely true- Grayson and I only lasted for 10 minutes. I couldn't let my little man freeze!! We all went back to the house, ate a big dinner and Grayson got to have his first face-full of cake. I didn't think he was going to get so into it- BUT MAN........once he got a spoon and figured out how to shovel the icing in.....there was no stopping him.

- Luckily the weather held up a bit for Sunday- although it was so cold!!! Our house seems smaller when you cram 20 plus people in there. Thank God for our covered deck. Brian was BBQ-ing it up and we had the fire place going....although no one really lasted too long outside except for Brian. Grayson's birthday was all Sponge-Bob- the only cartoon that will hold his attention for more than 10 seconds. Madison wanted a "Hannah Montana" themed birthday party for her brother. She's so thoughtful. I think it was TRULY hard for her to let the spotlight shine on him for an entire two days. She kept counting the balloons and saying that once the party was over they were to be "equally" divided up so that it was fair. When we ordered Grayson's cake, "We need to get two spong-bob toys mom because then I can have one and Grayson can have on." "Mom!!! Why are you taking so many pictures of Grayson opening his gifts....eating his cake....playing with his new presents.....don't you want pictures of me?" It's hard to explain to a 6 year old that once there was life without Grayson when it was all about HER!! But it's good I guess....she does keep us on our toes.....well just keeps us in line as parents!!!