Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're Screwed......She's in LOVE

So.......bad move on our part. We bought Maddie tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert and what do you know.....she's now in love. I mean...she had a mini-crush on Joe Jonas- but now it's a flown bloan "I want to kiss him mommy" crush. My mom promptly reminds me that I was in love with boys from the day I was born. Thanks Mom! Did you have to say that in front of the 7 year old? Despite the after math of the concert we had a blast. Maddie had NO idea we were going. I, along with her friend Olivia's mom, picked the girls up from a birthday party and had them open a bag a clothes we had just gotten them at the mall. Ummmm....why wouldn't we buy them matching outfits! They were excited to be twins but weren't exactly sure WHY? or what was with the Jonas Brothers T-shirts. After a few minutes Olivia caught on and asked if we were going to their concert. And this is when Madison began her first freak out session. She started screaming and saying, " we we really going to the Jonas Brothers concert.....OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" She had tears in her the kind of tears you get when your little and your boy-band crush just touched your hand. It was histerical to say the least. We had pretty awesome seats and Madison stood the entire concert swaying her arms back and forth. So cute! The next day I think she was a little depressed. She kept saying, "I wish it was yesterday....I just want to relive yesterday again and again."