Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a Pennie Update

So the new addition, Pennie, is offically the 3rd baby of the family. She sleeps with us every night (I know....I know...spoiled and terrible habit we are forming), she poops like 9 times a day (5 to 6 which are in the house...which typically I am the one to clean up because according to Brian he has very sensitive gag reflexes), and she has lots of people who are gushing all over how cute she is. She is a real sweet little girl and loves being around people. If I am washing the dishes she falls asleep on my feet and if I am sitting down she MUST be laying in my lap. She is, however, very stubborn and isn't really into taking walks. She's what we like to call a real lazy dog. Brian said the other night, "This dog is so's awesome." Pictured with her is Mia, her cousin (Nick & Amber's dog). Mia is what we like to call really, really hyper.....she has lots of much so that it's hard to even get a good grasp on her. Pennie has a girl crush on her....finally someone her size!