Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Spawn of Brian

She just doesn't look just like her daddy....she is totally weird like him too! When Brian saw this picture he said it looked freaky and he couldn't believe I let her put that over her head because "it's dangerous!" This is coming from the man who allows her to be pulled down a hill, on a skateboard, by a dog!

Mama's Boy

Gray is such a ham.....just look at his cuteness.....the dimples....the curls....the blonde hair....oh and the love for his mommy! Seriously.....this kid has a serious crush on me! Brian better watch out...he has some stiff competion :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

4 Days of Christmas Madness

I love Christmas.....seeing all the happy faces, spending time with family, eating lots of yummy food......BUT WOW....WE ARE TIRED! And where we're suppose to fit all these new toys is beyond me....maybe we need to build a new addition to the house or something? Maybe we can ask Santa for that next year? Our kids are beyond spoiled......Maddie got everything she EVER wanted and Grayson got lots of cars, trucks, ride-ons and the baby of his dreams! In one of the pictures he opened his baby my parents got him. It was probably the 5th gift he had opened....the 4 gifts before were obviously just not cool....the kid really could have cared less....but once he laid eyes on his new baby he screeched! And the baby has not left his hands since. He loves her. Really....really LOVES HER! We call her baby Bob....!!! But she's dressed in all Bob isn't exactly fitting....

Our New Addition

Baby Penny


This video is Madison's reaction Christmas morning when our friends Kate & Chris brought over her last Christmas gift: Penny- our new addition to the family. Madison asked Santa for a puppy this Christmas, even after we told her that santa doesn't bring live animals for gifts. Little did she know....that moms and dads do. We purchased Penny almost a month ago and drove up a week before Christmas to Ellensburg to get her. I thought Madison would FREAK out when she saw her.....but as you can see in the video she is pretty calm. I think she is a bit in shock- she acted like Kate and Chris just brought Penny over to took awhile to sink in that Penny was hers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Babies Part II

Wow.....we got A LOT of snow Thursday. I woke up at 5:30am to see a light dusting, heard we had an hour late arrival and so I got ready for work. By the time I got to work we had over 15 teachers out with no subs. Luckily only 200 out of 800 students showed up. It was movie day at Pacific.......until the snow starting falling around 10:30. By 12:30 are students were released and we left. It was quite the trek home. It took me 45 minutes to make it to Burien. By the time I got home Brian had the kids ready to sled. We still have a TON of snow here.....but kept inside today.....getting the kids layered up and dressed warm is quite the chore!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Babies

There wasn't enought clothes to keep the kids warm today. But Maddie still wanted to be out in it all day.......

Mr. Gray

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Look at what happens when you don't post for a month.......keep scrolling

OH (Dear Poor) Christmas Tree

I know what you are thinking, "Ohhhh.....cute.....look at little Gray looking up at his second Christmas tree." Think again. The child is plotting which ornament he plans on distroying next. The cats have some stiff competion this year........the bottom of our tree has never looked so bald.

What Up Cookie

The funniest part of this picture is NOT the originality of it.....because this is what Grayson looks like 99.9% of the time. The funniest part is that the mess on his adorable face was made by one MINI Oreo cookie! How he does it.....we'll just never know. Madison claims he stuck it in his mouth and pretty much regurgitated it into his hands and then back into his mouth again. One mini Oreo cookie just wasn't enough cookie for him. He must have felt compelled to eat another and if mommy won't give him another then he'll simply use his creative genuise.

Birthday Girl

My mom used to say that when I turned 30 she would feel old. Now I know what she is talking about because Madison just turned SEVEN. Oh my goodness.......where did the last SEVEN years go. It's so hard to believe that our little girl is getting so big. She already has like a dozen boy crushes, talks sassy to her mom and dad and can stare at herself for hours in the mirror. Yes family and friends....we are already raising a teenager!! We are so proud of her though and the young little miss she has become. She is a great big sister, despite the fact her brother is "so annoying" and tries so hard to please everyone and make them feel loved.

Butt Kisser......JUST KIDDING

Ok that was mean.....but kinda funny too. Little Miss "can't do no wrong" at school received the Principals Award last Friday. It reads, "Madison DuBois for demonstrating citizenship by being a respectful student and friend. She tries to make her class and school a better place through her actions and compassion." It makes me almost cry reading that....We are SO proud of her.

Bathing Beauties

Both of them absolutely love taking baths together......however they always seem to end up fighting. "Mom Grayson isn't sharing the water........MOM Grayson is splashing me.......MOM Grayson just pulled my hair." You'd think with the age gap she would slightly understand that her brother doesn't quite grasp the work "sharing" or that when you stick your face in his face his way of getting it out of the way is by pushing, slapping, hitting or pulling full fists of hair. I am the referee between the two and oh boy.....isn't it a joy!!!